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Ease of integration. Across all platforms including ipads and iphones


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Fotosfera provides professional 3D photography

We are a Kiev (Ukraine) based studio specializing in 360° product photography for websites and catalogues. 360 degree photography is one of the best opportunities to display all types of products from all angles on your websites, increasing online sales. High quality and cost effective colour photogaphy maximizes profits on websites.
360° presentations are viewable across all platforms including ipads and iphones.

What is it and how does it work?

We create still images of the product using specialized equipment that rotates the product on one or more axis. The images are edited and integrated into the viewer software on the web site. The consumers can interact with the product image zooming into it to view close-up details or rotating it.

3D is more complex and expensive. Why is it an option?

3D increases sales: the consumers see product close-up details on the web site which helps them to determine whether they want it.
3D reduces product returnes: the consumers view the product in detail and easily decide whether they are buying the right one.
3D gives excellent competetive advantage: if your products have 360 degree images and your competitors do not, you have a better chance of selling the products.

Still or 3D?

Make up your mind what to choose. Take into consideration various factors including budget, product mix, competition and customer requirements. Our clients often have still images for the majority of the mix and 3D just for top selling items.

What are the limitations for the products to be captured?

Weight - up to 100 kg, height - up to 2m, round baseplate dia. 1,5m

Where can you order this service?

Mobile and compact set of equipment allows us to shoot pictures on the premises of the client.
Ukraine, England, USA, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden

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